American Center is located at the corner of 31st Avenue and West End Avenue, just a few blocks from I-440. One American Center (3100 West End Avenue) and Two American Center (3102 West End Avenue) are connected by a large lobby so the parking is shared. Visitors may park in the surface parking just around the building (to the right and beyond Maggiano’s). Additionally, there is visitor parking in the garage on the second level (near the security booth and elevator bank). You do not have to go behind a gate and there is no fee for visitor parking. It is recommended that conference center parking be utilized in the visitor section of the garage as well.

From the garage, visitors will take the garage elevator to the first floor and security will buzz you into the lobby. There is a welcome desk that will greet you in the center of the lobby and help you find where you are going.

Hopefully you will have a few moments to enjoy some of the amenities in the property while visiting. Carrie’s Coffee and American Cafe are located on the first floor of the lobby for your convenience.